Meet In the Middle Rally

By Geoff Finch

Meet in the Middle was very similar to the only other protest rally that I’ve been to, which was in West Hollywood on the day of the ruling, but was certainly more grand in scale, like the Pelennor Fields of Prop 8 protests, which is a pretty fitting analogy, because one had the feeling of being summoned to battle in quiet Fresno, whose residents probably never expected to be taken over by gays from all over the state. It was a pretty rousing event.

It was hot and humid and the free water was warm, and each speech was very much like the last, in some cases just cut and pasted from the rally in WeHo, but it didn’t really matter. It was invigorating just to plug into the collective energy of the gay community of the entire state of California. For a couple hours we owned downtown Fresno. One felt powerful amongst so many like-minded devotees.

I was personally most impressed with the GSA youth, a group of high school kids who were almost unnervingly confident and magnetic for their age. We were a unified group of young and old, and we demonstrated that our fervor isn’t going to taper off with the expiration of our older leaders. As long as old bigots are raising young bigots, fresh young gays will emerge in opposition.

Even still, it wasn’t very satisfying to leave the rally at the end of the day with nothing changed to go back to our daily lives and wait for the next opportunity to defend our rights.

GLBTA Executive Director Genevieve Flores rallies for marriage equality at Meet in the Middle

GLBTA Executive Director Genevieve Flores rallies for marriage equality at Meet in the Middle


2 responses to “Meet In the Middle Rally

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  2. Nice post Geoff. ^.^ I really wish I could have been there! GAHH.

    And omg, that picture of Gen is fantastic.

    ps, since when did we have a blog? That’s cool. =]

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