Gays In Iran: A Personal Perspective

by Anonymous

Coming out of the closet seems to be a major issue among many homosexuals to feel comfortable with their lives. However, imagine being confused about your sexuality while living in a nation where consensual sex between two people is subject to capital punishment. In Iran, sex between two homosexuals is punishable by death.

Throughout its 30-year history, the Islamic Republic of Iran has expressed hostility toward the gay and lesbian community not just to the people of Iran, but to those around the world as well. It is not uncommon to hear a cleric during Friday prayers in a mosque, where brotherly and sisterly love is supposed to be preached, attack homosexuals. Iran has had a long history of human rights violations. Mainly, people of religious minority communities that exclude Judaism and Christianity are outcast and denied educational rights. Well-known Ayatollahs, government officials, and appointed heads of state further spread messages of hate to human rights by proclaiming that gay marriage is a reflection of weakness among the Western states. We all know that the Iranian government has always chastised America since its inception.

Locals affairs such as gay marriage may still be a concern to homosexuals in Western countries like ours but people must remember a time when coming out of the closet itself seemed like an abnormality.It may take a long time before the gay marriage issue is settled however I believe that the most basic of human rights which allow a person to live without hurting others around them should be defended.

One such example of an innocent execution was that of a 24 and 25 year old youth in November 2005. Their story of human rights violations is not the only one. In fact, the hanging of gay people is available for public viewing to spread a hateful message of discouragement to anyone who is gay to live a legal lifestyle.

Unfortunately the law is so flexible in Iran that a ruling cleric or “a just judge” is allowed to interpret the definition of anything found offensive by an Iranian policeman. These two youth were accused of kidnapping, rape, and sodomy. When a government is belligerently unjust in administering justice for the safety of its citizens, how will it sustain itself without outrage from its own people?

The LGBT community in the Western states is waiting to see more results from the president’s decisions on whether or not to support gay marriage. Many people of the Iranian community in the United States with whom I speak to are awaiting for the president to improve his performance on making a clearer statement to Iran that human rights must be obeyed. While the LGBT awaits for more action on issues at the local level, perhaps the actions will send a clear message of concern to the president that he should take action in stopping the homosexual genocide in Iran. I hear young Iranians always getting complimented by people of other races. Perhaps we can increase the unity, diversity, and good relations amongst the people of our world by protecting one another from injustice.


Pictures From An Execution Come Into Focus

Pictures From An Execution Come Into Focus


 And another thing:

When “the president” of Iran proclaimed “We don’t have gays” in front of an intellectual audience of Columbia University students who laughed at his remark, it made me think if he was in denial of either a.) being gay or b.) really having gays in his country.

A seemed like the more logical choice however, I was concerned once I noticed that homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran, in an effort to eradicate itself from what it believes as “impurities”. Did the president of Iran try to say that Iran doesn’t have gays….anymore? I wonder because 10% of the world’s population is gay, according to statistics, which includes people of every race, creed, gender, etc…


6 responses to “Gays In Iran: A Personal Perspective

  1. Really, 10% of the world is gay? really?

    this is incorrect and, honestly, academically dishonest and pathetic. certain scholars have stated that they believe some 10% of the world’s population has strong homosexual tendencies. What people need to learn is that there is a reason that homosexual and gay are different words. gay relates to a subculture that emerged among homosexuals in western europe and america and later became popularized over the last 50 years.

    Thus, one can have homosexual tendencies and not be gay, especially when we are referring to countries where there is not history of “gay” culture, but a very strong history of “homosexual” culture (like Iran). If you are actually Iranian, then maybe you will be aware of some of our country’s famous poetry about drinking and sex between men. This is homosexual, NOT gay. Rumi is NOT sex and the city, k?

    Also, homosexual sex is illegal, but prosecution is extremely rare. A number of cases involving execution for homosexual sex have ACTUALLY been documented to be rape cases or related to family feuds.

    You really have the audacity and simplicity to suggest that these few executions could have wiped away an entire population of Iranian homosexuals?

    It’s funny to see people like you drumming up opposition to our country and fueling the world’s desire to destroy and destabilize Iran. I say this as an Iranian homosexual.

    Intellectually laughable and undeveloped.

    The fact that you use a photo of TRANSEXUALS, who are not mentioned in your article, just mocks the whole thing. Do us a favor and read some joseph massad. Do you even know who that is?

  2. Thank you so much for posting this blog “Gays in Iran”, it is a very heartfelt expression of struggles we face in today’s issues.

    I believe that making the world less “homocidal” will open the doors to worldwide open mindedness so that the world wouldn’t be so broken up.

    Great article, I’m sending it to my friends.

  3. Great site, how do I subscribe?

  4. iran is a horrible, oppressive, economically weak country. Who cares about gay straight, or transgender. Iran is an oppressive authoritative theocracy. Basically if you dont fit the precise social norms then you wont be happy (or in some cases you wont be alive) in Iran. In America you can do what ever the hell you want and as long as you dont cost anyone money or hurt anyone then noone cares. The same cant be said about Iran. And thats the reason its such a terrible country. Theres so much social controls placed on the everyday citizen that you have no choices as to what kind of person you want to be. I mean what kind of a country bans barbie dolls and the simpsons for no apparent reason. Its the amount of control and dictatorship that the govt places on the lives of its people that make Iran a terrible place.

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