“Ni Hao” China!

By Marshall Wilson

We’ve all seen the “Real World” before….for those of you who haven’t, this is how it goes…

STEP 1: Get seven (7) strangers, and put them in a house…

STEP 2: Make sure selected group is VARIED….from all walks of life…

STEP 3: Let them run wild…

STEP 4: Watch…

By following these steps carefully, you can make your own “Real World” experience…for better or for worse…

Why am I going over the “Real World’s” generic plot structure? It’s because I lived it this past summer. It’s now the new year…let me rewind rewind about 7 months ago…


I’m sick…I get better…time to go…The excitement which was mounting up 2 months prior to May had surprisingly passed come May 27th. It was Thursday. I would embark on my 25-hour journey to Shanghai at 10:35 that night. Packing…waiting….last meal, I think it was pizza.

At the airport, I start to get exicted…and a little nervous. My family accompanies me to the gate. I give them a big hug, knowing that it would be two months before I ever got to hug them again.

I go through security…a breeze. I’m flying with my friend, Reem, also a Global Fellow. She’s busy organizing med school apps…I listen to music.

They start to call the different row sections for seating. I look out the window. A huge plane with two engines on each side. I walk down the jetway and see the fluorescent lights zooming past me as I walk on. I get inside…there’s two floors. Find my seat, and look out the window.

After everyone’s seated, I feel the plane leaving the terminal. That’s when it hits me. Whether I liked it or not, I was now on my way to Shanghai. No matter how hard I begged, the plane would not return back for me. I was in for the journey of a lifetime. Time ‘til return: roughly two months.

25 HOURS LATER (including a 5.5 hr. layover in Manila)…

I’m in Shanghai…

Initial thoughts…

Pudong Intl. Airport is huge, the drive into the city…exciting to say the least, in the city….it was the year 2020, or at least looked like it.

After…I find my room. 30th floor. Skyscrapers for miles. I see the Pearl Tower from my window. It glimmers at night…the whole city does. Cars zooming by on Yan’An Elevated Road…Shanghai…it hits me.

It would take me at least 200 pgs. to describe, explain, try to communicate all the things I did in China over the summer and the impact of being surrounded, enveloped, immersed in a culture TOTALLY dissimilar than mine for two months. I’ll try to give you highlights…

FOOD, Zhujiajiao, Clubbing, Exploring, Lights, Work, Travel, Learning, Reflection, Tiananmen Square, Great Wall, Friends….

I have given China no justice. My trip cannot be explained by merely writing it in a blog, nor can it be fully understood by reading it.

For formality sake, I’ll tell you what I did over the summer…internship wise. I was a co-founder in the launching of Paparazzi Sweets in China. A new candy store…and I helped build it up from scratch.

Cool internship, awesome adventures, priceless experiences. I’ve led you up to China (describing the journey there)….Figure out what it’s like to actually BE there…

It’s called the Global Fellows Program. It’s through the Career Center, downstairs in the Student Union. Best of all, it’s all-expenses paid. Just bring pocket money. Not limited to China….they also have locations in Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.…CHECK IT OUT! I believe applications are due in November…so GET ON IT! You’re already on the computer…type in “global fellows USC” in google or something…learn about it, apply…GO! You won’t regret it!

-Marshall Wilson

USC Global Fellow 2010


RetailCo Inc.


2 responses to ““Ni Hao” China!

  1. Marshall, I was just thinking today how much I miss you!!!! You’re amazing. Nuff said. Xoxo

  2. china is a beautifull place… visit indonesia.. you will get more beautifull tourism place 🙂

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