RACHEL, uRap Coordinator (’11-’12)

Rachel, uRap Coordinator for 2011-2012

Rachel will serve as the University Rap Coordinator this upcoming school year.  Her previous experience within the USC LGBTQ Community includes uRap facilitator, Generation Queer participate and executive board member for the Queer and Ally Student Assembly.  Get to know Rachel, a leader within the LGBTQ Community.

How and why did you get involved with the USC LGBT

When I first came to USC, I didn’t self identify with the
LGBT community, I felt I was more a skier, hiker, feminist, engineer who
happened to like women. Some of the first people I met at USC invited me to
come to the Queer and Ally Assembly’s Welcome Back Dance with them and ever
since then I’ve been part of the community. While this initial involvement was
because of my friends, I choose to stay and eventually take on leadership positions because of how welcoming and supportive this community was and still is. It gave me an opportunity to learn about others and myself while having a great time with the people around me.

How is it being a queer women at USC?

Being a queer woman at USC has been a positive experience. I
was born and raised in Utah, and while I loved living there, my sexuality was
definitely not accepted by a large part of the community. While USC and its
football players aren’t perfect, I feel comfortable and generally accepted on
campus. USC has provided a lot of opportunities for me to try new things and
have new experiences that would have never been possible in Utah. Most of all,
it allows me to learn more about my queerness while having a great time in

What are you looking forward as the uRap coordinator for
next year?

I’m looking forward to playing a larger role in this discussion group that I’ve enjoyed for the last two years. Helping to provide a warm environment with great people, new and old, that helped me when I was first getting involved in the community. Whether it’s encouraging people to look at new perspective or talking with a new face over hot coco at the weekly trips to Starbucks after the meetings, I look forward to engaging people in the supportive environment that’s characteristic of uRap.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be
and why?

If I could change one thing in the world I would want there to be more respect. Respect for each other’s ideologies, cultures, sexualities, etc. I think that if there was more respect for human life and nature then the world would be a more peaceful and understanding place. When you respect another person you see them as more than just an object to use to obtain personal wealth and power. In essence, respect undermines our fabricated hierarchies that have allowed people for so many years to ignore suffering and destruction around them.


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