A Taste of the Good Life…The Out for Undergraduate Business Conference (OUBC)

By Marshall

When you hear the words “business conference,” you may think stuffy suits, boring lectures….boring stuff in general.

I ask you, have you been to a queer business conference?

It exists…The Out for Undergraduate Business Conference (OUBC) takes place every year, and is sponsored by some of the biggest names in business including JP Morgan, UBS, Deloitte, and BCG to name a few.

And if you’re thinking that lacking a business degree or any working knowledge of business will inhibit your chances of getting accepted into the program…this isn’t the case.

I was a history major and really had no knowledge of the business world, besides the experience I had attained as part of the USC Global Fellows Program, which I also recommend that you check out.


All that was needed was a resume, a statement of purpose…nothing too serious.

The rewards…

If you qualify for a program scholarship (all you need to do is check a box on the application itself), OUBC will pay for the entire program: travel costs, lodging, food. Just bring a little pocket cash to enjoy New York City’s sights and nightlife while the program isn’t in session.

I remember, I had a test on Thu., got out of class around 2 pm, and packed my things to make a flight to New York that same day. Not gonna lie…I felt like a bit of a jet-setter.

The program takes it further. After whisking you to New York City, OUBC put us up in the Grand Hyatt in central Manhattan. The hotel is walking distance from the JP Morgan offices, where the program was held.

You’ll meet tons of successful and bright queer youth with whom you can enjoy nightlife after the program is done. I remember we went bar hopping in Hell’s Kitchen the first night, got home around 4 am…and woke up at 7 am for the next day of activities.

I got about 10 hrs. sleep the entire weekend, but the program gave me a taste of a lifestyle that can be attained with a little hard work. Although I did come from a history background, the insightful discussions revealed to me ways I could apply the skills I had cultivated in the humanities in a professional business setting. The discussions weren’t over my head, and I came home with a book full of notes and insightful tips.

Assessing the demographic of program participants, women are HIGHLY encouraged to apply. Out of 200 something attendees, about 20 were women. Let’s equalize that gap!

I HIGHLY recommend applying to the OUBC conference. Check back for the application in the spring of 2012. Although the program takes place in the fall, program dates and site location differ from year to year. Below is a link to OUBC’s website.


What are you waiting for?!? A friend told me about it, and I immediately applied. Three weeks later, I was calling the American Express travel agent with whom you book your ticket to New York. It felt pretty awesome when the travel agent asked, “So Mr. Wilson, what departure times work best for you?”

THE OUBC Conference can expose you to a new range of career opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunity to network and explore what you can achieve with your USC education.


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