Thanks Given!

With the holidays coming up, the LGBT Resource Center asked a couple of our student leaders what they were thankful for this holiday season. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Albert: I am thankful for being here at USC and a part of such an amazing community.  I can’t imagine being here at USC without QuASA or the Resource Center!

Christopher: I am thankful for my family, my friends, and the intersection of my communities… and chill music, cold nights, and mint-flavored everything.

Glenn: I am thankful for Facebook, text messages, and this new season of American Horror Story.

Mellissa: I’m thankful for masculine females and peanut butter crunch cereal!

Ortal: I’m thankful to attend a school where I am surrounded by such stellar people and incredibly hard workers.  My fellow students at USC always have and always will serve as one of my greatest inspirations to open my mind to new ideas and work my ass off to do things I never imagined as possibilities.

Patience: I am thankful for freedom of expression…how I can dress however I want and modify my body however I want!

Rosemary: I am thankful for my wife, health insurance that comes with our new domestic partnership, Obama winning and and a diverse congress than may mean equality is around the corner! I’m thankful for friends who keep me laughing, food to nourish my body, housing over my head, and a strong will to help others achieve the same.

Tell: I’m thankful for the people who come to TFE. I’m thankful for my friends and family, my cat Danny, and the people who invented sports bras (seriously, I just discovered their awesomeness this year).

Vanessa: I am thankful that my dad is healing and officially cancer free. I am also thankful that I haven’t lost my sanity or spontaneously combusted.

Happy Holidays!!


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